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AOV is known as "Automatic Openning Vent", which is a very environmental and neccessory system in the modern buildings. It has many functions and now is more and more widely used in the whole world. 


About AOV

Open and close windows more efficiently and fresh the air inside building

Modern buildings are getting larger and larger in scales, which makes it impossible to open and close so many windows by men's hands.  AOV system makes it easy.   


Cool the air inside buildings and save energy

At night office buildings are closed and A/C is shut down. During the whole night, you can open 

all the windows and let the cool air in. After more than 10 hours in the next morning, the whole building has been cooled down much better. So people don't need so heavy A/C cooling as before.

In this way,  a lot of energy is saved. 

Open and close windows in high places people can not reach

In some huge buildings like airpot,  the roof is very high. But we need to make some windows up there to vent the air. So AOV is a must for this kind of project. 

Smoke and Heat Exhausted Ventiltion System (SHEV)

In all the building fire, actually more people are killed by the toxic smoke intead of burning.  The statistical data shows that more than 75% death is caused by inhaling the toxic smoke to  induce asphyxia, in building fire disaster.  So how to reducing deaths depends on the speed of venting the toxic smoke.